Everything tastes better with Sriracha

And we’re off! We took a few days in Buffalo to organize all of our things and pack the car, making sure we had everything that we needed (too many things!). We headed over the Peace Bridge in Buffalo into Canada. Canada was mostly uneventful, until we arrived at the border crossing into Michigan. The customs officer there asked us a lot of questions. “How do you two know each other?” – “Why do you need a camera?” – “You don’t know where in Michigan you’re camping?” – “You got rims on the Focus?” That last one I’m not sure was necessary for national security, but he might have just been bored.

Into Michigan we went, driving straight up towards the top of the mitten. The further north we got, the stormier it got. We had a campground picked out, in the Hiawatha National Forest just above the bridge to the Upper Peninsula, and were hoping to get there before it started raining. Luckily the campground was above the weather front so it was only cloudy and the campground was right on the shores of Lake Michigan.

View from the beach near our first campsite.

The only bad thing about the National Forest campground was that we were right next to a major road so there were trucks going by all night, so it was not ideal for sleeping.  After a brief breakfast, we packed up our tent and wandered down to the beach; our plan was to dip our toes in two of the Great Lakes on the same day – Lake Michigan and Lake Superior (mini oceans in their own right, they were unlike any sort of lake I had ever experienced).

Katie looking out on Lake Michigan

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