It’s basically blasphemy to drive through Wisconsin without getting cheese.

Day 3 on the road. We started out in the most bizarre campground ever in the Michigan Upper Peninsula. The campground was at Wells State Park, on the western coast of Lake Michigan. It was a RV park posing as a state park campground. It is kind of cool to say that we camped on both sides of Lake Michigan, even though our chosen camp sites were not ideal. Maybe just a liiittle bit more planning ahead for the rest of the trip would help with that.

We decided to stop around Green Bay area to get some hot lunch, as we were both pretty drained from not sleeping much the past two nights. We ended up at Titletown Brewing Company, and managed to luck out – it was restaurant week in Green Bay! We both ended up going for it, getting three courses for $10, including Wisconsin famous fried cheese curds. One word for those – YUM.

Groot and Katie excited for the deliciousness.

We were basically on one road the rest of the way through Wisconsin. We made it out to a geographical marker out in the middle of a corn field in Athens, Wisconsin. It was where the 45th parallel (halfway between the North Pole and the equator) and the 90th meridian (a quarter of the way around the Earth from the Prime Meridian in Greenwich). Full disclosure, the marked sign isn’t actually where they intersect – the actual intersection is in the middle of one of the cornfields nearby. But still, it was cool to be nearby this place, and say we were in the exact center of the northwestern quadrant of the globe. There’s even a 45×90 club in one of the towns nearby – where you can sign in to a guestbook and get a commemorative coin from your visit.

Standing in front of the 45×90 sign at the intersection of two invisible lines (well, almost)

The part of Wisconsin that we drove through was mainly rolling farmland, with lots of corn and soybeans. Route 29 was a very long, straight road. It was interesting that a lot of the county roads in Wisconsin were just a single letter road name. Although I’m pretty sure we passed at least 3 different roads named ‘M’ so I’m not sure what’s up with that, whether they change by each county or if there’s any more specification needed between them.

Farmland in Wisconsin

Before leaving Wisconsin, we stopped at a cheese store along Route 29. They had cheese sample, cheese curds, and a GIANT cow statue named Dutchess. We probably spent far too long in there and bought too much cheese but…when in Wisconsin right? We ended up getting to Katie’s friend Elise’s house in Minneapolis about 3 hours later than we told her we would originally, but that has kind of been the story of our trip so far.




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