Traffic jam! (Bison style)



IMG_2830 (1)
Traffic jam!


For our last day in South Dakota, we adventured to Custer State Park to look for some bison and do a short hike. We found two large herds of bison, which created traffic jams as all the tourists stopped to take photos and allowed the bison to cross the road. At both locations, there were park rangers monitoring the road (one of them had a whip) to make sure that people were not being stupid around the wild animals.


We traveled through the park on Needles Highway, a popular tourist attraction in the park. It is a windy, hilly road through the park that takes you up close to the incredible rock formations (I know, MORE amazing rock formations in South Dakota). There was a short hike that we chose to do as well, Cathedral Spires trail, which took you right up to the ‘pointy’ spires of the park. After about a quarter of a mile, there were no other people around and high rocks blocked the traffic sounds, which was wonderful.






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