Excuse me sir, you seemed to have commandeered our campsite.



From Custer State Park, we traveled into Wyoming, headed towards Devils Tower National Monument. We stayed at Keyhole State Park, on the eastern side of the state, so that we could reach western Wyoming and collect ourselves before embarking on the behemoth that is the combination of Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks. We arrived early to our campsite, choosing a site that was on a hill. Because of this hill, we pitched our tent away from the parking spot, as this was the flattest part that we could find.


It was only about 45 minutes from Keyhole State Park to Devils Tower National Monument, so we chose to travel there that night, to try and catch the Tower in the sunset. The Tower is another place that is sacred to the Lakota people. I can see why. Looking up at the Tower I became very aware of how small and insignificant I really was. We walked around the base of the tower and it was incredible to see that even though it was the same geologic structure, it looked different from every single angle.


Driving away from Devils Tower

The pink backdrop of the setting sun on the clouds behind Devils Tower made the place even more magical. Driving away from the parking lot, we probably stopped at least five times to take more photos as the lighting changed. During our drive back to the campsite, we were surrounded by lightning. There were pockets of storms all around the road that we were traveling on. The only rain that we had was when we are at the gift shop. It POURED for about 10 minutes, and then all we saw for the rest of the night was light rain.

Arriving back at our campsite, we found that someone else was parked in our spot. Let me clarify further; a detachable RV, a large truck, and a mini van were taking up the parking spot on the site that we had chosen, even though we had left items on the table and our tent was already pitched. After an extremely brief discussion with the man who owned the trailer (who may have been the most unhelpful person ever)  we ended up gathering up our tent and moving to an entirely different campsite. Welcome to Wyoming, apparently.

Sunset through the trees during our walk around the base
The sunset was making everything appear spotted orange



2 thoughts on “Excuse me sir, you seemed to have commandeered our campsite.

  1. Yes. Welcome to Wyoming. Ask Krista about her introduction to Wyoming. The Tower is nothing less than awe-inspiring at any angle. Wyo has amazing people, BTW. Did you know it was the first state to give women the right to vote? Safe journeys to you. Love you. Auntie P.


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