On our second day in the Teton area we had signed up to go white water rafting (at 8:30 in the morning). It was still in the 40s so we weren’t so keen on jumping into the 50 degree water of the Snake River. It was Katie’s first time white water rafting so I suggested that she sit in the front seat. By suggested I mean I basically volunteered her to sit in front (sorry not sorry Katie, it’s the best seat!) The Mad River guide, Molly, made the trip very enjoyable, even though it was early in the morning! If you’d like to see pictures of us going over Big Kahuna, the largest rapid in the stretch of river you can see them here.

IMG_2960 (1).jpg
Mormon Row

After getting back to town and changing out of our wet clothes, we decided to take a drive to see the Mormon Row barns, some of the most famously photographed barns in the United States. This is not because anyone particularly famous ever lived in the houses near the barns, or because the barns are anything spectacular in construction; it’s because of their location and background. Photographing the barns, you get a spectacular shot of the Teton Range as a background. One of these barns is even pictured on the park’s brochures, maps, and websites. Not a bad place to set up shop, in my opinion. Those early settlers had the right idea.

Mormon Row
Mormon Row
Teton Range from Oxbow Bend
Katie looking out towards the Teton Range from Signal Mountain

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