Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone

My favorite part of Yellowstone was the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, which we visited later on the same day as Grand Prismatic Spring. It isn’t as giant as the actual Grand Canyon, but there is a certain majesty about the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone. Yellow, red, orange rocks, green water, thundering waterfalls, the big blue sky of Wyoming above you. There have been many artists over the years who have captured the beauty of that canyon. There were a few trails that took you down into the canyon that we hiked as well. My two favorites — 1. Brink of the Lower Falls – which got you right up to where the water tumbled over the edge down into the lower part of the canyon and 2. The Red Rock trail – I liked this one because you got a great view of the waterfalls and there were very few people on it! We wanted to hike more of the South Rim Trail, but we ran out of time.

At the top of Mount Washburn

Our last day in Yellowstone we had signed up to go on a ranger led hike up Mount Washburn. It helped ease our fears about encountering bears in the woods to be traveling with a larger group. Ranger Nicole led us up the 1,200 foot rise over about two and a half hours, stopping to talk about the local flora and geology of the area. At the top of the mountain there was a fire tower that we were able to go into and normally would be able to view the mountains for miles around. Unfortunately on the day we were up there it was extremely hazy, so we couldn’t view much of anything. But it was a nice hike regardless.

Until next time Yellowstone.

Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone
View from the Red Rock Trail
Looking out from Artist’s Point
Another shot from Artist’s Point
Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone
So much yellow stone!
This little guy is a Pika! We saw him on our hike up Mt. Washburn
The color of the lupines was incredible
Ending our day at the Norris Geyser basin
Norris Geyser Basin at sunset



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