It was nice to have a light driving day after spending hours each day driving through Yellowstone. From Erin and Brian’s house in West Yellowstone we were bound for Missoula, Montana where we were staying with Katie’s friend Sonia. Missoula is another city that I knew nothing about before we got there. I have to say, after spending hours driving through rolling hills of dry, brown pastureland, waving to the cows and horses as we drove by, it was nice to be able to come into a town and have some civilization.

Hiking in Missoula

Sonia was a fantastic host and tour guide, taking us on a short hike up Waterworks, a hill from which you would normally be able to see the whole town. That day, however, there were two wildfires raging nearby (one near Hamilton, only about 15 miles from Missoula) and the smoke in the valley was preventing us from seeing all of Missoula. We also traveled about an hour outside of the city to Flathead Lake, in the town of Polson, MT for some relaxation. While in Polson, we decided to get some lunch. We found a lovely spot to eat – Miss Wonderful’s Marmalade Cafe. It was a combination of bakery, lunch spot, and antique dealer. There were antiques all throughout the restaurant for sale, which made for a very interesting ambiance.

Exploring Missoula

Missoula is about three hours from Glacier National Park, which required us to leave at about 5:30am in order to be able to get a campsite. I started the car at 5:42am, which for us, is a feat in itself. We were only twelve minutes off our goal of when to leave. AND we managed to get a campsite in the campground we were aiming for – Avalanche. Since we arrived at around 9am, we were able to spend the day setting up camp and heading to the visitor center for some information on what to do with the rest of our time in Glacier National Park.


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