There were nine hours between Glacier National Park and Seattle, Washington. The approximate middle of the two was Spokane, Washington. Along the way, we saw two helicopters carrying large buckets – likely filled with water from Flathead Lake – flying off to fight the nearby wildfires. There were also a lot more cows and brown farmland as well. We also found out that there is an Exit 0 in Montana right before you cross the border into Idaho.

CCC bridge, Riverside State Park
CCC bridge, Riverside State Park

We ended up getting the last campsite at Riverside State Park (check off my state park in Washington!) and staying there for the night. In the morning we walked a few of the paths down to the Spokane River, where there were some unique rock formations and a bridge that was built by the CCC in 1941 (well, a replica of the one built in the 40s, this one was reconstructed in 1997 to replace the decaying bridge). Overall, not a bad spot to stay. If only we would have had more time to explore the park. Ah well. Next stop: Seattle.

Interesting rocks at Riverside State Park

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