IMG_3498Seattle was our next stop on our trip around the country. The land of coffee and fishermen throwing fish at Pike Place Market. This time we were staying with Katie’s friend Dave, his dog Ari, and his roommate Brad. I’ve always wanted to get to Seattle, for some reason. Maybe it’s all of those episodes of Grey’s Anatomy. Whatever it was, I was excited to be closer to the ocean than I had been since leaving Maine. Even though Seattle isn’t technically on the ocean, but on Puget Sound, I could fake myself out and imagine that it was the ocean.

Fruit in Pike Place Market

Our first day in Seattle we spent walking around and doing touristy things; the Space Needle and Pike Place Market. We started our morning wandering around Pike Place Market, smelling the delicious aromas from the vendors. There were so many free samples as well. We had smoked brisket, mango, peaches, dried apples, chocolate covered cherries, and even dark chocolate pasta. Dark chocolate pasta is not something I think I’d ever actually buy to eat but it is an interesting thing to say I’ve tried. We got to see the guys throwing the fish – they were wicked funny. I bet the vendors around the fish throwers might get tired of where they are because everyone was stopping to watch and take videos, blocking the way for everyone to get by. But they’re also right near the popular spot where people come to see the famous fish being thrown and by default see their stands as well. So take what you can get I guess? There were a couple of stands that we got to get food from as well. We got fresh made donuts and roasted corn on the cob – both wonderfully delicious.

Katie enjoying the corn!
Beautiful flowers at Pike Place
The gum wall

Right down the alley from Pike Place Market was Seattle’s gum wall, which has been collecting gum since 1993. Well, it had been – the wall was completely cleaned in November of 2015. It was decided in 2015 that the sugar in the gum was going to erode the bricks of the alley. So on November 13, 2015, Post Alley was squeaky clean…probably for about an hour. The cleaners took away nearly 2,400 pounds of gum. That’s over a ton of gum. So, compared to what it probably was, the alley was sparsely gum-populated…(gummed?) But still – there was a ton of gum on the walls. Well – maybe not a full ton yet – but it’s getting there. It is simultaneously fascinating and disgusting. This was an art media you could use and leave in public without fear of anyone interfering. The entire alley smelled like bubble gum – sweet, sticky, and disgusting.

You can hardly tell this was clean in November




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