Queets is not a food.

Hammock at the campsite in the Queets Valley

We started bright and early with a drive into work with Dave (thanks Dave!) to get our car. Next stop: Olympic National Park. After getting suggestions from a ranger, we decided to go to the Queets River Valley to camp in a sliver in the park in the southwest corner of the park. According to Ranger Dustin, the Queets rainforest was never logged (unlike the Hoh Rainforest and the Quinault Rainforest). So, after a pleasant 15 mile, 30 minute drive along windy, forest service roads (with half of them unpaved) – we arrived at the coolest campsite we’ve stayed at. It was, unsurprisingly, called the Queets campground. Tucked way up there in the mossy, tangled, old growth rainforest, the campground was perfect – there were even a couple of trees that were perfectly placed for Katie’s hammock!

The pictures don’t do this campsite justice


The first full day in the park we were headed for the Hoh Rainforest – the park’s most popular rainforest area. According to the ranger who was ushering us in, we hit it on their busiest day – lucky us. But that wouldn’t stop us from enjoying the beautifully tall GIANT trees. Giant cedar trees, sitka spruce, and douglas fir shadowed us as we stared in awe at their size. Not a single one of the pictures I took could possible convey how grand the forest was. There was a trail called the Trail of Mosses that takes you through a grove of trees that is completely covered in bright green moss. There was even a few trees in that grove that had ferns growing out of the moss that was growing on the tree. A photosynthetic triple threat.

Standing under some giant fallen trees
The lumpiest tree in the forest
Trail of Mosses
Yes, that is ferns growing on moss growing on a tree
The forest floor was covered in these clovers
Hiking through the Hoh Rainforest
More ferns growing on trees

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