The Twilight Zone


There was so much driftwood!

The thing about Olympic National Park is that there are such drastically different parts of the park. The park itself is also GIANT. In a car, you can only get about 15 miles into the middle of the park, so it is a popular destination for backpackers – a lot of backcountry to trek through. But that is in the mountains and forest. Our next stop was the beaches. There is even a variety of beach types within the park! There was a lovely mix of sandy and rocky beaches. Ruby Beach and Rialto Beach covered in rounded rocks. The waves were mesmerizing –rolling in and breaking before traveling up the rocky shores. The absolute best part about it – as the water receded back into the surf, the rocks were dragged with them, creating an incredible rolling, mixing sound.

Going to dip my toes in the Pacific Ocean!
That wave took me by surprise!!
Can you spot Katie among the sea stacks?

The beaches also had sea stacks – large looming pillars of rocks that are offshore habitats for lots of nesting birds. Unfortunately when we were at the beaches there was dense fog along the entire coast, so we could only see the sea stacks that were close to the shoreline. Even so, they were unbelievable. We walked about a mile down the beach to Hole-in-the-Wall, which is exactly what it sounds like – a giant hole in the outcropping of rock forming the point between beaches. We were also there at low tide so we got to do one of my favorite things — searching through the tide pools for creatures! We even found a starfish!

I dipped my toes into the Pacific Ocean here – so now I can officially say that I’ve dipped my toes in both sides of the Pacific Ocean, once in Australia and once in Washington!

All of the rocks were so smooth from being rolled around in the waves
Tide pool finds!
Amazing sea stacks
So much fog.
We found the Hole-in-the-Wall!
A cool shot through the Hole-in-the-Wall

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