Our last destination at Olympic National Park was Hurricane Ridge, which would give us the third aspect of the Park; the mountains. We planned it so that we would be up there for sunset – or, rather, nearly sunset. It was lucky we decided to go that night and not in the morning before we left – they were doing construction on the road and were closing access to Hurricane Hill, the short hike that allowed us to get full access to a panorama of the Olympic Range.

A sunset hike up Hurricane Hill!
IMG_3955 (1)
On the hike up Hurricane Hill
A great view of the Olympic Range from the top

A common theme in our excursions is mountains still covered in snow and ice (or even glaciers)! The Olympic range didn’t end our streak – there was still snow covering the tops of the peaks, even though it was mid-August. It wasn’t the clearest day, unfortunately, so the pictures aren’t as good as they could be. Nevertheless, rotating in a full circle your eyes were assaulted with a spiky horizon – very unlike what I’m used to seeing at sea level.

At the top of Hurricane Hill

We were even able to look towards Port Angles and British Columbia. I’ll have you know that, once again, I waved at Canada. One day I’ll get to explore more of that fantastic country, but that’s for a different trip.


Our trip down Hurricane Hill was animal filled! We were able to spot two or three Olympic Marmots, which are endemic to the Olympic range Munching on some dinner. A regal mountain goat was standing on a ridge, observing the slope below him, with the fading sunlight reflecting wonderfully off his white coat; there were even a few deer that crossed our path – I mean literally crossed our path, they came down a hill and started walking on the path right in front of us; do you think they’re used to humans or something?

Leaving Hurricane Hill
Katie looking at one of the Olympic marmots
The moon even came out to see us!


Beautiful purple flowers that lined the trail
A view of some of the mountains from the visitor center, featuring some deer and the moon!

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