The Bridge of the Gods connects Washington to Oregon over the Columbia River. It is the route for the Pacific Crest Trail to cross the river as well, so there were plenty of thru hikers looking for rides across. Unfortunately we weren’t able to help them out, we had too much stuff already in our little Ford Focus.

Multanomah Falls
I love the sunshine shining on the leaves

Along the Oregon side of the Columbia River there is the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area, which is filled with waterfalls and trails to incredible views of the surrounding area. We visited Multnomah Falls, a two tiered waterfall that tumbles about 620 feet from top to bottom. We also hiked a trail along Horsetail Falls, which took us up to a viewpoint of the Columbia River valley –definitely worth all the switchbacks it took to get there.


Our last stop in that area was the Oneonta Gorge, a popular place for swimming and adventuring. Unfortunately for us, we arrived at about 8pm, right when it was starting to get dark. Everyone who had been beating the heat in the deep folds of the gorge was coming out, so it took us a long while to be able to traverse a giant log jam near the very end of the gorge. This was a pretty tricky thing to traverse at twenty four, I can’t imagine bringing small children into the gorge. But alas, several groups with small children emerged from within the gorge, balancing lightly on the slick wet, worn down logs. There was also one champion of a dad – a two or three year old was balanced on his shoulders and he was holding the leash of a puppy, who eventually started whining and got so scared that the dad had to pick him up and carry him. You go sir.

Beautiful view from the top of the Horsetail Falls Trail
Such a wicked cool lime green color
Part of the log jam people had to climb over

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