A third member of our team joins us.


After an incredibly boring, exhausting drive straight through Nevada, we arrived at Zion National Park in southern Utah. My sister Krista had decided to drive down from Durango, Colorado to meet us at Zion, which is why we drove straight through Nevada. As some of you may know, this year marks the centennial for the National  Park Service. August 25, 2016 was the official 100th birthday, so the entrance fees for the parks around the country were free. So we were lucky to have the busiest weekend of the season to explore this park. But that wouldn’t stop us from enjoying the sheer beauty of Zion canyon.

We had the whole weekend to explore the canyon and everything it had to offer. And man, was this the place to be. Zion is one of those places that is kind of indescribable by words. Yes you can try and explain the sheer red walls, with subtle layers of various colors that seem to sneak in there. You can try show through words the exultant feeling you get while navigating the narrow ledges of the Angel’s Landing trail. But really, the only way to truly understand is physically going there yourself to experience it.

Zion is one of those places where, no matter who you are, what your status in life, you sit and marvel at the beauty that is around you. From Angel’s Landing to the Narrows to the short Canyon Overlook you cannot go wrong at Zion.

Drive up to Canyon Overlook Trail
Hello Mr. Sheep!
At the terminus of the Canyon Overlook Trail
Stunning canyon walls
Looking over the edge!
The full stunning view of Zion Canyon


Some of the rocks looked like they were flowing!



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